Dear fellow Westminster members and friends,
Since you elected us last May, we have worked through a thorough and organized pastor search process to find the best match to serve as Westminster’s Head of Staff. Our discernment has been full of learning, prayers, interviews, conversations, and listening for God’s guidance every step of the way.
It is with great joy and conviction that your PNC unanimously recommends the Rev. Dr. Leah Hrachovec to the congregation of Westminster Presbyterian Church to serve as its next Head of Staff. Leah meets all the criteria needed to lead this great body of Christ. She has deep spiritual faith, extensive experience as a pastor and leader, and a strong belief in the importance of the church in all we do as followers of Christ. She has been actively involved in a variety of denominational and inter-faith community initiatives. Leah is authentic, inviting, contemplative and caring.
Through our discussions with Leah over a period of months, we found her to be open, insightful, and deeply inspiring. She has a welcoming and inclusive nature and is easy to get to know. Her preaching style reflects these qualities in sermons that are inspiring and comforting while being thought-provoking and timely.
It is now time for you, the congregation, to do your part! We invite you to:
  • Come meet Leah at a reception on Saturday, June 11th from 2-4 pm in Spellman Hall
  • Hear Leah preach and lead in worship at 10 a.m. on Sunday, June 12th
  • Attend the congregational meeting immediately after worship on the 12th. If you are a Westminster member, exercise your privilege and vote to elect Leah as our next Head of Staff. 
Thank you in advance for taking part in supporting the election of our Lead Pastor. We are confident that God's hand has guided the process of calling Leah to Westminster and that we will be blessed by her presence in ministry among us for many years to come. Thank you for your prayers and for having faith in us as a team. We couldn’t be more pleased to bring Leah to you.
Yours in the name of Christ,
The PNC Committee
Lynae Young and Jim Scanlon, co-chairs; Rob Avery; Steve Brown; Angela Emrich; Ernie Kimmel; Scott Lockledge; Terri Pennington; Phyllis Simmons; Ruth Simonson; and Patrice Stilley.
The PNC wants to talk to you! Feel free to reach out via email at

You're Invited....

2-4 pm Saturday, June 11 • Spellman Hall
You're invite to meet and greet Leah and her husband, Nat at a time of fellowship in Spellman Hall.
Sunday June 12, 2022 Morning Schedule
10 am Worship
11 am Congregational Meeting
On Sunday, June 12 we will hold a hybrid congregational meeting (Zoom & in the Sanctuary) for the purpose of calling Leah Hrachovec as our Head of Staff following the morning worship service. Hear Leah preach at morning worship. This single worship service will be at 10 am in the Sanctuary or on Zoom. The congregational meeting will immediately follow the service. In order to vote, you must either be in person or log into the Zoom meeting. Click here to read more about Leah. Click here to read Leah's Statement of Faith. Click here to register to attend online. Childcare will be provided from 9:30am-12:30pm. Registration for childcare is required due to the potential high need for care. Space will be limited to 12-15 children. Register by contacting Jill Reichert. There will be no KidsConnect Sunday School.