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Spotlight on a WPC Small Business: The Allele Group

Westminster member and Elder, Monica Justice owns The Allele Group. She works with entrepreneurial business owners that have between 10-250 people to help them implement a complete business operating system with proven tools to help them get three things she calls them: Vision, Traction, and Healthy.
  • Vision is about getting the team 100% on the same page with where they are going long term
  • Traction means that they start executing on that vision with focus, discipline and accountability
  • Healthy means that they start working together as a more cohesive and functional team.
Monica welcomes the opportunity to connect with any business owners from our WPC congregation and give them 90 minutes of her time to share more about how she works with clients and see if she might be able to help them during this difficult time. Click here to view Monica's LinkedIn profile or click here to email her.