July 19, 2018

Dennis Roberts

Westminster Member

The Washington DC Intergenerational Trip takes place over an amazing five days in mid-July...and July 2017 was Paula's and my first Mission Trip. It proved to be a fast paced and powerful Mission opportunity and far exceeded our expectations! Consider these possibilities of this "Life Altering Experience"...

  • Learning about the real challenges of being homeless and meeting some who shared their personal stories...      (They touched our hearts).
  • Learning about the many reasons, from former homeless individuals, as to why there are over 14,000 homeless individuals in Washington DC...(It was a huge eye opener for us).
  • Meeting and participating with many people and programs that exist on a daily basis to serve and support the basic needs of the working poor, homeless and hungry...(We were overwhelmed by their generosity).
  • Being given the opportunity to be part of and to bond with a fantastic Westminster Presbyterian Church Team (mixed group of Adults and Youth between the ages of 11 and 18) demonstrating each day their loving and giving hearts...(We've made new lifelong friends).
  • Sharing the Word of God each day with the WPC Team at our DC home..."The Pilgrimage", which provides comfortable, Hostel like living quarters...(We felt at times like we were in "The Presence of GOD")
  • Spending an educational hour with representatives of the Presbyterian Church USA Office of Public Witness...(We felt proud to be Christian's within the Presbyterian Community).
  • Spending a day visiting Capital Hill on Congressional visits, advocating for the homeless and their needs... (We experienced a burning passion for making a positive change).
  • Seeing many beautiful areas in the Washington DC area...(Emotionally we were reminded how "Proud we are to be Americans").

This Mission Trip will bring "Joy to your Heart" by providing many opportunities to serve those with daily needs; allow you to experience new learning about hunger, homelessness, and poverty; get inspired to make a meaningful impact... all true testimony to GOD's command to "Love Thy Neighbor".