November 8, 2018

Ed Brandt

Parish Associate & Sr. ARNG Chaplain

He arrived at Andrews Air Force Base at 7:00 pm along with a group of other Wounded Warriors.  The injury happened in Afghanistan and while shot in the leg and the right arm, he walked down the ramp of the C-17 with determination and unaided by anyone.

In the course of our brief conversation, the soldier explained, “I thought I was dead!”  In response, I asked, “And when did you learn you were alive?”  He answered, “When I saw the X-Ray Technician.”

That’s the question for all of us: When did you know you were alive?”  Is it when you go on a mission trip to Honduras?  When you work with the youth of Westminster?  Is it when you engage in community work and reach the least of these my brethren?  There are things we do that bring us life; and I believe when we live as Jesus would have us live, we are alive and have life abundantly!

Nothing makes you feel more alive than being shot, facing death, and then realizing that you are alive!  Life with Westminster brings life to so many people and we know we are alive not because of an X-ray technician, but because of Jesus Christ who came that we might have life and have it abundantly!