Support Groups

Learn about our support ministries: Stephen MinistryCelebrate Recovery, The Landing, Divorce Care, and Loss & Grief. If you are interested in participating in any of them please contact Ann Hatfield.

Casserole Ministry

Casseroles are made by members of the congregation and delivered to anyone in need, including families who have just had a baby, people who have experienced a death in the family, or those recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery.  Anyone in the congregation is welcome to take a casserole to someone they know in need of a meal.  The casseroles are stored in the church freezer.  Please fill out the sign-in/sign-out sheet whenever a casserole is donated or removed for delivery.

Worship in the Homes

Worship in the Homes is a group led by the deacons of Westminster who visit two West Chester assisted living facilities once every three months to provide worship and fellowship.  An entire service is provided including music; church members, small group, youth, and families are encouraged to participate.  It's a tremendous opportunity to share fellowship and offer comfort. Visits to Pembrook, and Brandywine Hall are on Sunday afternoons between 2-4 pm; the dates are advertised in advance in the weekly News & Events. 

Prayer Chain Ministry

Westminster’s Prayer Chain consists of nearly 70 members (pray-ers) with caring hearts who dedicate their time to pray for others at their request.  Each member of the prayer chain receives a weekly list of prayer requests via email.  The requests are handled with confidentiality and reverence as prayer chain members include them in their conversations with God. 

Extended Communion

Ordained Deacons and Elders share Communion on the first Sunday of each month with people who are not able to be physically present in worship to participate in the Lord’s Supper.  A regular list of recipients is maintained, including those who are ill, in hospitals, sick at home, or in long-term care facilities. To receive extended communion, contact Ann Hatfield. 

Flower Ministry

Every week the flowers enjoyed in Sunday worship are delivered to people as a demonstration of Christian care and compassion.  Recipients include those in hospitals, in long-term care facilities, and sick at home.  Anyone in the congregation is welcome to take the flowers to someone they know in need by contacting Ann Hatfield.

Card Ministry

The Deacons send cards to congregational members for a variety of events and occasions, including get-well cards, new baby congratulations, and in sympathy for situations of bereavement. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Westminster knitting group knits prayer shawls which are presented by the Deacons to people in need.  Contact Ann Hatfield if you know someone who might benefit from a prayer shawl. 

Transportation Ministry

There are many members of Westminster who are no longer able to drive themselves. Age, health concerns, and other issues keep them limited in their transportation options. The Deacons give and organize rides for people who need them. Drivers assist people in getting to and from worship, to other events at Westminster, and to occasional medical appointments. If you can help, need a ride, or have suggestions for this ministry, please contact Ann Hatfield