Are You Seeking a Grant?

Managers strive to award one third of all grant funds in each of three areas of focus:  new Westminster ministries, local nonprofit organizations, and global missions.  Each application must be presented by a Westminster member. 


The Funds Currently Available for Special Ministries

  • Music Program Fund
  • Mission Program Fund
  • Foreign Missionary Fund
  • Bob and Louisa Young Endowed Speakers Fund
  • Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Building Fund
  • The Westminster Fund (the unrestricted fund)

Deadlines for Grant Submissions in 2024

April 5, June 6, September 6, and November 1

The Endowment board meets the fourth Tuesday of the month.  If your application is approved by the board, it must then be presented to Session to be reviewed and endorsed.  You will hear from us after the Session meets.

Resources and Forms for Grant Applicants

Guidelines for Grantseekers

Grant Application 

Endowment Fund Board member Amanda Lawn or Alison Wood can help you with your application. You must be a Westminster member to apply.

Grant Feedback Form which must be completed within one year of receiving the award.


Recently Funded Projects

2021 Grants

The Westminster Endowment Board is pleased to announce the following grants have been approved by Session, for payment to their respective recipients.

  • Serving at the Crossroads: $11,000 approved to purchase a portable ultrasound machine, to aid in diagnostics at their Honduran clinic. Barclay Friends Capital Campaign $5,000 approved to assist with the building a personal care center for older adults who require assistance, care and support. 
  • Arts Holding Hands and Hearts: Up to $10,000 approved to establish a culinary business program with residents of the Chester County Youth Center (CCYC).  Residents will learn healthy cooking and eating techniques through weekly cooking classes.  During these classes, they will develop recipes for spice blends and mixes which they will package and sell at area Farmer Markets. 
  • New Beginnings Affordable Housing Fund: Up to $8,000 approved to provide startup funds for promotional materials, hiring of a grant writer and events in support of the New Beginnings Affordable Housing Fund, amended to direct part of the funds towards website design and setup.
  • Scholarship for Princeton Seminary Student: $2,000 was awarded per semester as a scholarship for a member of the congregation attending Princeton Seminary.
  • West Chester Community Good Neighbors: $5,000 approved to purchase outdoor chairs for the porch at Church Street Towers, a HUD-assisted elderly community that is part of the Chester County Housing Authority.
  • Westminster Presbyterian Chirch Thrift Shop: $1,500 approved to assist in replacing flooring in the Thrift Shop which was damaged during a tropical storm.
  • Phoenixville Women’s Outreach: $10,000 approved for purchasing replacement windows at the Phoenixville Women’s Outreach location.
  • Domestic Violence Center for Chester County: $2,500 approved for the purchase of upgraded appliances in a renovated townhome held by the Domestic Violence Center for Chester County.
  • Along the Way: $9,000 approved for the purchase of computer hardware and software for Along the Way, a non-profit provider of night and weekend caregivers.
  • Andrew L. Hicks Foundation: $6,769 approved to pay for 28 weeks of tutoring and SAT Prep for 9th, 10th and 11th grade students participating in the RISE and Launch programs based in Chester, PA.
  • Youth-to-Youth Partnership: $10,000 approved to assist the Presbytery of Honduras in their emergency relief efforts as identified by the PCUSA mission co-workers serving in Honduras.
  • Serving at the Crossroads: $14,000 approved for the purchase of a server and computers to be used in their clinic in Honduras for online interactions.
  • More Light Presbyterians: $5,000 approved to help fund an update to their website to better meet the needs of the people they wish to reach.
  • Westminster Preschool: $3,500 approved for the purchase of supplies (masks, partitions, etc.) and a new oven needed by the school for their reopening.
  • New Leaf Foundation: $1,000 approved to assist with prison outreach programs in Africa.
  • Serving Our Neighbor Vision Team: $10,500 approved for assisting community members in need as identified through the Melton Center, West Chester Area Day Care Center and West Chester Area School District.
  • Garage Youth Center: $5,000 approved to fund the auditing and cleanup of their donor database.

New Westminster Ministries

  • 125th Anniversary
  • 125th Anniversary Tapestry Project
  • Big Tent Event
  • Pub Theology
  • Rise Against Hunger
  • Westminster Handbell Choir

Local Nonprofit Organizations

Global Ministries

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