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A Pray Ground Experiment… what is a Pray Ground?

Here at Westminster, we believe that children are integral members of the body of Christ and should be able to be in worship with their families. Learning how to worship is kind of like learning how to swim--you can only learn how to swim by getting in the water. We want kids to know how to worship by giving them space to observe, participate, and experience worship in a new way. During Lent, we are introducing spaces called Pray Grounds along the sides of our Sanctuary by the window benches. These spaces, which is pictured above, are areas geared towards young children and will provide a comfortable, welcoming space for our youngest worshipers to engage in items from the worship carts and allow them a space more suitable for them to be a part of the worship service. Our first step will be to use mats to help visually designate the spaces. There will also be bean bag chairs and pillows for comfortable seating and propping. Other items may be added as the weeks go on. Come and check out the pray grounds during Lent! If the spaces are well-received by our families, we will look to continue the practice and even add improvements to the spaces. We look forward to welcoming our children in new and comfortable ways!