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Join Us in the 21-Day Challenge

Amos 5:24 24
But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream.
Members and Friends of Westminster Presbyterian Church,
Our hearts are heavy as we watch the overwhelming anger, hatred and violence that have become a near constant scourge in our communities, our nation and the world. We lament and grieve the racism that continues to pervade our society, and what seems to be a growing disregard for some human lives. Our sighs are too deep for words, and yet we recognize our silence is unacceptable and unfaithful.
The events of last week, and the voice of God’s Spirit on Pentecost, have led us as Westminster’s teaching staff to a new commitment. We have each promised to participate in what is called the 21-Day Race Equity Challenge. We hope you will join us. Please watch this video to learn what this is about, why we are doing this, and why we are inviting you journey with us.