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Journey Class Announces Its Fall Schedule!

Going on Vocation: Exploring Work as it was Meant to Be

DVD Series, Sept. 9-Oct. 7, led by Sue Spotts and Jennie Clark.

Do you. . .

  • Find your job fulfilling?
  • Spend most of your time at a job that seems to have no purpose or meaning?
  • Work just so you can pay the bills?
  • Work for a difficult boss or with toxic people?
  • Wonder if you missed your calling somewhere along the way?
  • Wonder what comes next after retirement?
  • Think about leaving a job to stay home with your children?

“Going on Vocation” is a documentary series that explores such questions and more. Through personal stories of ordinary people at work and insight from some of today’s leading voices on faith and work, you will discover that vocation or calling is about much more than your paid job. This series will challenge us to look at work in a completely new way and reap the positive returns of connecting our identity in Christ to our daily vocations. “If we don’t connect our faith to the world of work, then Christianity just becomes a leisure-time activity.”- Dr. Greg Forster

Come share your own story and hear the stories of other companions on this journey of discovering our vocation or calling. People are welcomed to join in for any or all four sessions.

Sept. 9     You are Called/Finding Your Calling                                                     Jennie Clark

Sept. 16   The Meaning of Your Work/Living Your Callings                                Sue Spotts

Sept. 23  No Journey Class (WPC Ministry Fair)

Sept. 30  Your Calling & the Common Good/ Your Calling Will Bear Fruit        Sue Spotts

Oct. 7      Discipleship & Thorns and Thistles/Call to Work for Restoration     Jennie Clark


Psalms in the Fabric of Our Lives

Exploring the Psalms, October 14-18, led by Sue Fry

Come journey with us on an exploration of the intersection of the psalms with the basics of our lives. In our individual lives and in our community life, a lot happens. There are wonderful times, exuberant times, uncertain times, and times that are deeply sad.  Sometimes the way for our life is clear.  Sometimes the path is difficult. When we meditate upon the psalms, they enter the fabric of our lives, touching the deep places and giving expression to the fullness of our emotions. People are welcomed to join in for any or all three sessions.

Sue holds a Master's degree in Education from Kent State University and an M. Div. from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She received a Ph.D. in Old Testament from Fuller Theological Seminary. Sue has taught in both private and public education in the U.S. She has also taught higher education for universities in Lithuania and South Korea. Additionally she has conducted intensive courses as a visiting teacher in Indonesia and Singapore. Sue and her husband, Rev. Bill Fry, are active in our Westminster community.

Oct. 14   Psalms in the Fabric of Our Lives  

Oct. 21   Psalms in the Fabric of Our Lives

Oct. 28    Psalms in the Fabric of Our Lives 


A Short Gospel with an Enduring Message: The Gospel of Mark

Nov. 4-25 led by Ed Brandt 

Mark is considered to be the first of the Synoptic Gospels composed. The book immediately begins with the Proclamation of the Gospel, the “Good News.”  There are no dreams, manger or angels appearing before Jesus’ birth.  In fact, the word immediately appears 27 times in this short book of sixteen chapters.  During our four sessions, we will explore the intent of the writer, the audience, and how the book of Mark provides a template for Matthew & Luke.  Everyone is asked to read the chapters for each session and to bring their favorite Bible to the study.  The variance of versions will provide a richer understanding of how to interpret the words selected by this writer. This journey through Mark will include presentations on the material followed by in depth discussion.  People are welcomed to join in for any or all four sessions.

Ed Brandt currently serves Westminster Presbyterian Church as a Parish Associate and serves the National Guard Bureau, Arlington, VA as the Sr. Army National Guard Chaplain and US Army Deputy Chief of Chaplains, ARNG.  He has served pastorates in PA, DE, and CA and deployed to Iraq 2008-2009.  Ed and his wife, Jane, split their time between Arlington, VA and Wilmington, DE. They spoil their two grandchildren and their Akita named Brownie.

Nov. 4     A Short Gospel with an Enduring Message:  The Gospel of Mark

Proclamation to Parables [Mark 1-4] 
Who was Mark?  Why did he write this gospel? When was it written?  Why such a fast paced narrative and the overuse of the word, “immediately”?  We will look at what was happening culturally during this period, sources for the Gospel writer, as well as compare the flow of this gospel to the other Gospels.

Nov. 11   A Short Gospel with an Enduring Message:  The Gospel of Mark

Demons to Demand for a Sign [Mark 5-8]  
Healings and miracles are noted by the writer, and for what purpose?  We’ll look at the variety of conversations Jesus has with people from Synagogue authorities to unnamed woman to frightened disciples on a boat being tossed about on troubled waters.  We will explore how these things might be interpreted and what Mark is trying to convey to the reader. 

Nov. 18   A Short Gospel with an Enduring Message:  The Gospel of Mark

Transfiguration to Wicked Tenants [Mark 9-12] 
We are given a glimpse of Jesus’ powerful actions and instructions to his disciples to tell no one.  It’s called the Messianic Secret. Coming down the Mount following the Transfiguration the disciples are told to tell no one about what they had seen.  He heals a boy with a troubled spirit.  He blesses children, has a conversation with a Rich Man, foretells his death and resurrection and has an uncomfortable conversation with James and John.  This all leads to the Triumphal Entry and the Cleansing of the Temple.  

Nov. 25   A Short Gospel with an Enduring Message:  The Gospel of Mark

Destruction to Resurrection [Mark 13-16] 
We conclude our study of Mark with a discussion on being watchful, the Passover, Betrayal Foretold, Peter’s Denial, the Crucifixion and Resurrection. 


The Dramatic Personae of Advent
Dec 2-16 led by Jak Maxwell 

As we journey through Advent making our way towards Bethlehem, we will consider anew some key characters in the drama of the incarnation- the coming of Christ.  Jack Maxwell invites us to ponder with him the significance and implications of the roles of those who are included in the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah and the roles of his parents, Joseph and Mary. People are welcomed to join in for any or all three sessions.

Jack Maxwell currently serves as Theologian in Residence at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Berwyn, PA. He is honorably retired and has served pastorates in PA and DE.  He received his B.A. from University of Texas at Austin, his M.Div. and Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary and attended Harvard University Graduate School of Business Institute for Educational Management. He served as President and Professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and was Instructor in Homiletics and Liturgics at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has also taught courses at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, La Roche College, and Union Theological Seminary

Dec. 2   The Dramatis Personae of Advent:  The Genealogy of Matthew 

Dec. 9   The Dramatis Personae of Advent Joseph: Claiming the Mystery

Dec. 16  The Dramatis Personae of Advent:  Mary: A Protestant Point of View