Westminster Children: Help Lead Pentecost Worship

Sun. June 5 • Narthex
If your child/youth (or YOU) would like to be a part of the “Tongues of Fire” Processional, as we joyfully move into worship with our ribbons and remain up front through the Children’s Message, meet Jill Reichert and the CSG team in the Narthex by 9:25am for the first service and by 10:55am for the second service. At the 9:30am service, we will then recess out of the sanctuary for KidsConect in the large group room of Heckert. Children can be picked up by families there after the first service. At the second service, children will recess back to their families in the pew and hold on to their “Tongues of Fire” to respond at certain times during Pastor Jon’s message.