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WPC Nonprofit Partner: Good Neighbors

Good Neighbors continues in its mission to restore hope for low-income homeowners by repairing their homes and is busier than ever as the effects of this pandemic play out in society. Lower income families are hardest hit by the current problems. Many have lost their jobs and their health care, few can work at home, and many have become infected. All this means that whatever small funds have come their way has been used for medical bills, food and transportation so serious home safety repairs have to wait.
To help these families, Good Neighbors has done emergency repairs in the spring with in-house workers and has repaired many homes this summer using volunteer families and church groups. After one local man was laid off due to the pandemic, his water pump and A/C unit died which had a significant impact on his ill daughter. We were able to quickly install a new pump and A/C unit to get them fresh water and cool air again. We have openings for groups to volunteer, no experience necessary, on Saturdays in the fall. The work is outside and we encourage social distancing as much as possible. We provide masks, gloves and all the tools and materials. Click here to make a donation or volunteer to help at Good Neighbors.